Sunscreen Safety

Is It Safe to Use Sunscreen?

Concerns over sunscreen safety have hit the news dozens of times. Allegations have been made about sunscreen containing some chemical ingredients that are harmful to the skin. These controversies leave most people wondering, is sunscreen safe to use? There is no scientific evidence linking the use of sunscreen to any skin problem. Therefore, sunscreen safety is 100% guaranteed and is a crucial element to help prevent our skin from the sun's negative effects.

Scientific studies even support sunscreen as an effective way to protect the skin from sun radiation. The FDA further encourages people to use sunscreen as it prevents sunburn, reduces the risk of skin cancer, and slows down skin aging.

Sunscreen acts like a bulletproof layer. It shields your skin by stopping the sun rays before they reach your skin and cause damage. Sunscreen contains organic elements that absorb the rays, and inorganic elements absorb and reflect the rays away from your skin.

Sun Safety Awareness

Contradicting beliefs and opinions without scientific evidence to back them bring the need to create sun safety awareness programs. For instance, the claims that purport sunscreen to be unsafe could lead to public panicking and avoiding sunscreen use. The result would be more cases of skin damage and skin cancer.

Therefore, it is essential to raise sun safety awareness to debunk such myths and false claims. To help create awareness, we have an educational program that seeks to educate the public on ways to protect themselves against UV rays. When thinking of leading a healthy life, it is important to consider protecting your skin. These skin cancer cases can be significantly reduced with proper knowledge of how to avoid solar radiation.

We can give you ideas and resources to help lower skin cancer, especially for children who are at the highest risk of contracting skin cancer. Contact us at to learn more.