Sunscreen Donations

What Schools Can Do to Help Students Stay Safe in the Sun

During school days, it is partly the responsibility of the school to put measures that keep students safe from the sun. Unfortunately, most schools do not have enough measures to ensure students remain safe from solar radiation. Therefore, there is room for improvement when it comes to students’ sun safety while at school. Some measures the school can undertake include;

First, the school should ensure the students wear sunscreen before going outside. Sadly most schools do not offer sunscreen for the students and rarely follow up to ensure the students put on sunscreen. Unfortunately, some students forget their sunscreens at home while others misplace their sunscreens in the school compound. And since the school doesn’t provide sunscreen for them, they have to go out unprotected from the sun rays.

At Sun Safe Students, we understand these slips happen. That's why we have taken the responsibility to make sunscreen donations to institutions such as schools in South Florida. We supply gallon-sized sunscreens and install sunscreen units in outdoor areas such as soccer fields and playgrounds, making it accessible to both spectators and participants.

Another role schools can play is making sure that students only go out either early in the morning or the late afternoon. During these periods, the sun isn't directly above, and the rays are less strong than during the afternoon. Third, schools should also have some form of sun safety awareness programs. The program should aim at educating students on sun safety practices they can undertake to shield themselves from solar radiation.

At Sun Safe Students, we have an education program on sun safety. You can check our social media accounts for helpful tips on protection against harmful UV rays. To support our cause, we would be glad to accept sunscreen donations. If you would like to make your donation, you can do it at our GoFundMe.