Stay Safe In The Sun

Tips to Help You Stay Safe in The Sun

Given the disastrous effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays, it is essential to know how to stay safe in the sun to enjoy Vitamin D and other benefits. Below are tips to help protect you from these harmful UV sun rays;

1. Check for the UV Index - Always check the UV index from the daily weather forecast reports. If the index is above three, then consider using protective measures to reduce exposure.

2. Use heavy-duty shade/cover when working outdoors - The use of proper shade can reduce UV exposure by as much as 50%. Therefore, if you intend to work outdoors, consider getting the best shade. Consult with your supplier and ensure the cover offers high protection levels

3. Reduce exposure to direct sunlight, especially during midday - the highest UV radiation is recorded from 10:00 to 14:00. During these hours, it is advisable to reduce exposure to sunlight.

4. Put on wide-brimmed hats - wide-brimmed hats protect the head, face, ears, and neck from sun rays.

5. Use sunscreen - For other parts of the skin such as face and hands; it is essential to apply sunscreen. For maximum protection, sunscreen needs to be applied 30 minutes before exposure. We install free sunscreen units in commonly used outdoor areas such as tracks and parks to make it available for everyone.

6. Raise awareness - Sun safety awareness is a topic that needs to be addressed more frequently. If you are the head of a group or institution, consider raising awareness on the effects of solar radiation.


Our six tips above will ensure you are well protected against ultraviolet rays, ensuring you stay safe in the sun.

We offer free sunscreen to institutions across South Florida. Our goal is to reduce future skin cancer cases by preventing them. We do this by making sunscreen available at convenient outdoor locations such as soccer fields. Email us at and let us deliver to your institution for free.