Nina Hamuy

3 Debunked Myths When It Comes to Sun Safety

There is no stop to learning new things when it comes to sun protection, skin cancer, and vitamin D. Unfortunately, there are so many myths surrounding sun safety, some of which you may believe are true. It is essential we address these myths and put you on the right path;

Myth: All UV rays are the same

Fact: There are several types of UV rays. However, UV-A and UV-B are the most common, since they penetrate the ozone layer and reach earth. Type A rays are longer and hence penetrate deeply, while type B is shorter and more dangerous.

Myth: There is a safe tan from solar radiation

Fact: Most people believe that sun rays can only cause damage after getting a sunburn. However, the rays can damage your skin even before getting sunburn. No base tan can prevent burning or further damage to your skin.

Myth: The only source of vitamin D is the sun

Fact: You can get vitamin D from foods and supplements. So, you don't have to spend more time under the sunlight, especially if you have lupus. Instead, you can increase your intake of foods rich in Vitamin D and get the same quantity of the vitamin.

These are the most common myths surrounding UV rays. We have an education program that addresses the facts surrounding sun safety and other matters concerning UV rays. We do more than just educate. We act by supplying free sunscreen to institutions. One beneficiary of our services is Katz Hiller Day School in Boca Raton, who recognized efforts by Sun Safe Students members Elaina Hamuy and Nina Hamuy.

Both Elaina Hamuy and Nina Hamuy are part of our organization, and they helped set up a sunscreen station for the school’s students and campers, ensuring they remain safe from UV rays. If your school needs our services, reach us at